Pet Business

Pet health also starts
from the intestinal environment

The intestinal environment affects the health of animals as well.
We have developed products for pets based on our know-how cultivated over a long period of time through products for racehorses, as well as through repeated research focused on the intestinal environment of animals.
As a safe and reliable product that can be expected to reduce feces and body odor as well as manage pets’ health, improve their constitution, and boost their immunity, it has already gained great trust from veterinary hospitals, breeders, pet stores, and other professionals.

MAX-P” is a health food for pets that consists of 15 types of good bacteria that work on the intestines, such as lactic acid bacteria, yeast bacteria, and koji mold.

The naturally occurring beneficial bacteria reach the intestines alive and work in the intestines to support the intestinal environment, which is appreciated for maintaining good health.
The ingredients are all of natural origin and there are no preservatives, flavors, or other additives in this health food.

MAX-P Product Details