Initiatives for Safety and Security

Handcrafted production with sincerity
in accordance with the natural order.

All the ingredients in the MAX series are domestically produced, and are fermented foods of live bacteria and enzymes that contain a wide variety of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria.
We are particular about the natural origin of our products, and they are produced through fermentation and maturation in accordance with the natural order.
Our products are produced with the utmost care and attention to temperature control.

No additives, preservatives, etc. Thorough temperature control with our unique know-how

Due to the nature of the production process of fermentation and maturation of active bacteria, we take all possible measures to control the temperature.
We do not add any additives or preservatives to our products, and we produce and manage them with great care, maintaining optimal temperature conditions and a clean production environment according to the season, temperature, and other conditions of the day.

Biosafety level 1 by DNA analysis

As a result of DNA analysis at a reputable Japanese research institute, all of the various beneficial bacteria used as ingredients in the MAX series were found to be biosafety level 1, which proves that they are harmless and safe for the body.

Highly accurate demonstration experiments in collaboration with universities

To date, we have conducted various demonstration tests with universities and research institutes, and significant differences have been observed in changes in intestinal microflora and blood tests.

Lot-by-lot safety inspection prior to shipment

All of our products have been inspected by public laboratories in accordance with food sanitation inspection guidelines, and we confirm the high safety of each lot.