Racehorse Business

24 years of supporting the health of racehorses

Racehorses can develop gastrointestinal and skin problems due to stress from traveling.
The horse has a long intestine, and the condition of the intestine greatly affects the overall health of the horse.
By regulating the intestinal environment, the immune system is boosted and the condition of the gastrointestinal tract and skin is improved.
We believe that the reason why MaxProBio’s products for racehorses have been used on racehorses for 24 years is because the people who keep the horses are experiencing an improvement in their symptoms.
Only safe materials that have passed strict doping tests are used.
It promotes improved immunity and raises the condition of the racehorse to the highest level.

Passed strict doping tests

MaxProBio products, developed for racehorses, are health foods made by adding a wide variety of active bacteria to domestic rice bran, which is known for its useful functions such as constipation suppression, and cultivating it with our original technology, resulting in a well-balanced coexistence of 45 active bacteria.
100% naturally derived, no additives or preservatives. It is a health food that is safe for racehorses. It has passed the doping test for JRA racehorses, which is considered particularly strict. It has earned a high reputation in the racehorse breeding industry, where breeding management is difficult.

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