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JRA racehorses are difficult to care for and manage.
Passed strict doping tests.
Maximize your health by revitalizing your intestines.

Horses have long intestines and are prone to intestinal diseases. For this reason, "MAX products," which energize the intestines, the immune organs that prevent the entry of all kinds of pathogens, have been recommended and used for many years in the breeding of racehorses as a health food that is essential for good health.

Expected Benefits
  • Intestinal action.
  • Effective absorption of nutrients.
  • After 3~6 months of continuous use, it will boost your immune system and make you resistant to pathogens.
  • Reduction of skin diseases and allergies.
  • Reduce fecal and animal odors.
  • Prevention of infectious diseases and other illnesses.

100% natural origin, additives and preservatives, no additives
MAX products" are health foods that can be given with peace of mind.

MAX products, developed for racehorses, are health foods made by adding a variety of active bacteria to rice bran (domestically produced), which is known for its useful functions such as constipation suppression, and cultivating it with our original technology to create a well-balanced complex of multiple species of bacteria.
MAX products are 100% naturally-derived, additive-free, preservative-free health foods that are safe for all living organisms. As a result, it has passed the strictest doping tests and is highly regarded in the racehorse breeding industry, where breeding management is difficult.

Biosafety Level 1

The wide variety of active bacteria used in the production of MAX products have been isolated and identified by reputable Japanese research institutes, and DNA analysis has confirmed that all of them have a biosafety level of 1, which means that they are highly safe. The results of DNA analysis show that all of them have a biosafety level of 1, which means they are highly safe. In addition, the results of tests conducted by public laboratories show that they do not contain any infectious pathogens, demonstrating that they are safe.

Thorough temperature control
with our unique know-how

Due to the nature of the production process of cultivating, maturing, and fermenting the active bacteria, MAX products are carefully controlled in terms of temperature. Since we do not add any additives or preservatives to our products, we maintain the optimum temperature and clean production environment while following the natural order of the seasons and temperatures, and produce them with great care.

We have been supporting the health of JRA
racehorses for many years.

We have been using MAX products for over 15 years on horses and other animals to regulate their intestinal environment, and we have seen no abnormalities in their health and they are completely safe to use.

raw materials
Rice bran (domestically produced), lactic acid bacteria, yeast bacteria, and many other types of bacteria
Manufacturing method
It takes natural active bacteria and cultivates and matures them in a natural way.
How to use
As little as 10 grams per day is all that is needed; mix with the fodder once or twice a day and feed according to the horse's condition.
Storage method
Store in a refrigerator or cold place