Revitalize your intestines and boost your immune system!
“100% naturally derived” for lifelong peace of mind

The intestines are said to be the core organ that sustains life.
A disordered intestinal environment can cause various diseases, and intestines and health are inextricably linked.
Japan, a country with the world’s longest life expectancy, has been consuming many fermented foods that work on the intestines since ancient times.
“MAX-P is a groundbreaking health food made up of a multi species of effective complex bacteria, cultivated using a unique method of effective active bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria and yeast bacteria, which are common in Japanese traditional fermented foods.
These active bacteria (probiotics) help to regulate the balance in the intestines and greatly support physical and mental health.


Improving the intestinal environment is the key to good health for animals too. Maintain the balance of the intestinal immune system of your pet, which is as important as your family, and support beautiful fur and healthy excretion!

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