Infinite Possibilities Opened by
"Good bacteria (probiotics)."

We provide business opportunities with
Japan-originated technologies that contribute
to preventive medicine.

Obtained several patents.

We have been able to
improve the quality of our
products and obtain patents as
a result of years of research.

  • ①Intestinal environment(Research on the intestinal environment)
  • ②Metabolic syndrome(Study of weight change with high-fat diet intake)
  • ③Pylori Helicobacter(Study of changes in gastric status)
  • ④Influenza virus(Research on viruses in the body)
Patent No.6596135
Patent No.6875035

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【The gut is the second brain.】~Maintaining a healthy intestinal environment is the key to daily health and beauty~

The intestines contain 70% of the body's immune cells, and a deteriorated intestinal environment is said to be the source of all diseases.

With the recent boom in intestinal activity, "intestinal environment" has become a familiar keyword for people who are interested in health and beauty, but it is important to have a proper understanding of the intestinal environment. The intestinal environment varies from person to person, and the key is whether the ingested bacteria can reach the intestines alive and work effectively.

We were one of the first companies to focus on "good bacteria (probiotics)" that reach the intestines alive and work effectively, and we have been able to develop innovative products with our original cultivation technology established after years of research. All of our products are manufactured domestically in Japan, and the DNA analysis of the live bacteria has confirmed the safety of our products as Biosafety Level 1.

We have obtained domestic patents based on various researches, so why don't you lead your health and beauty to a new field with our unique product?

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Initiatives for Safety and Security

All raw materials are made in Japan and no chemicals are added.

MaxProBio's viable bacteria are composed of only naturally occurring bacteria, and no preservatives, flavors, or other additives are used.
It is safe to drink.

All raw materials are made in Japan, and no chemicals are added.

Optimal temperature control

In the process of cultivating, fermenting, and maturing MaxProBio's live bacteria, we have succeeded in deriving the optimal temperature control method through research after research, and in coexisting only safe and useful bacteria through our unique maturation method.

Optimal temperature control

Safe biosafety level 1

All live bacteria used in MaxProBio are classified as "Biosafety Level 1", which means they are safe for humans and animals, and DNA analysis has proven that they are safe and have no negative effects on the body.

Safe biosafety level 1

Inspect each lot before shipping

All products are inspected on a lot-by-lot basis to strictly check for any abnormalities in quality. Before shipment, we also conduct various inspections in accordance with public inspection agencies and food hygiene inspection guidelines.

Inspect each lot before shipping
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